Payroll ServicesIcepay Payroll System is sold as an out of box payroll package as well as customized solution. Having been built from scratch by extremely experienced software engineers, Icepay offers more flexibility than any other payroll system in Kenya. 

Icepay Payroll Services arm is dedicated to payroll process outsourcing, handling payroll services on behalf of our customers.Our model allows you to engage us as your payroll services provider, and let you worry about what your company should be doing best, business. We use Icepay payroll system for all payroll activities and the results so far have been fantastic, allowing us to use our product hence picking any issues before most customer even know it exists! Key products that could be of interest to you are:

Payroll solutions development, integration and implementation: 

Icepay as a product can be implemented as an out of box solution as well as customized product to suit your specific needs. Inorder to guarantee upgrade compatibility, customizations are professionally carried out and where possible added to the standard solution. Integrations to other enterprise solutions are implemented through available database APIs. Other interface types can be developed to suit the specific scenario.

Payroll processing outsourcing:

Payroll Process Outsourcing

Other than just offering the solution to our customers, we are now taking up payroll processing as an outsourced service. The service started late 2011 and has two companies under the arrangement. Payroll process outsourcing includes:

  • Receiving of payroll data in standard template files. This includes employees, payments, benefits, deductions etc. For permanent staff, only changes to payments and deductions are necessary on a monthly basis. Daily rated and casual employees timesheet details are submitted on monthly basis.
  • Data cleansing and validation: This is necessary to ensure all data submitted is in the right format
  • Data import: This involves importing of the raw data into Icepay database for processing
  • Payroll processing: After all data has been sanitized, the Icepay system is used to process the payroll
  • Process validation: This involves verification of processed data againist raw data submitted for accuracy. Where any discrepancies are found, the processing is rolled back and processed again before posting
  • Customer verification: Key analytical reports are sent to the customer for verification and confirmation. Once the customer confirms data accuracy, payroll is posted marking the closure of any changes.
  • Monthly reports submission: With all having been confirmed as correct, the final reports are submitted to the customer. These include EFT files, salary payments analysis, statutory deductions remittance, third party deductions remittance and employees payslips.
  • Data backups: Depending on the agreement and if the customer has purchased Icepay solution licenses, database backups for the processed month are sent for further reference and safe custody. This allows the customer to query any reports from the system on need basis.

Icepay support services


Our support services are mature and supported by a fully fledged support desk staff and online system. Customer may opt not to have the annual support and maintenance, but this is highly recommended to ensure business continuity and the customer experience we want you to have.

  • Customers may choose to have Icepay solution under support and maintenance agreement. This allows for continuous system support and feature upgrade among others. It is very important to have a technical person who can handle 1st line escalations on any issues you may encounter. This could range from database backups to rights management and system configurations.
  • Customers who are on annual support are allowed access to our online helpdesk, easing support and issue escalation. They also have access to our rich knowledge base on common issues that have been solved in the past, empowering the customer to manage issues with minimal escalations.