Icepay Payroll System

Icepay Testimonials

Icepay payroll system has been in production use since 2009. The system has seen its user base grow over time processing up to 2000 employee's salary in a single organization and many more for our entire customer base.

At Icepay Business Solutions Ltd , we pride with offering unmatched customer experience and support, always surpassing our customers expectations.

When our customers are happy and they share it, we share in their happiness and work harder to maintain the satisfaction since we appreciate that staying on top is harder than getting there!


Below are few confessions of happy customers. We encourage all our customers to take a moment and share their experience with the world.


2013-08-10, 10:35
As a user, I have explored many current payroll systems available, and Icepay is by far the most mature standalone payroll system in Kenya. I am a heavy user of the data import functionality and it works perfectly.
Lorna Atieno
2012-12-10, 10:31
We have used this system since 2010 and it has worked perfectly. We actually didn't believe it was a locally made software.

With the recent addition of leave management and Email payslips functionality, we are more than happy with the system. The EFT payment functionality also makes our salary payments painless. Support is also very good whenever we need it.
Leah Mwagoh
2012-05-21, 11:30
Handling more than 1500 employees is not an easy task but Icepay makes it all very easy. I have learnt so much by interacting with the system and their support services are superb! Would recommend their services any time.