Icepay Payroll Solution is a stable, scalable and feature rich stand-alone payroll solution built for Kenyan markets. The solution has also been tested in Southern Sudan and plans are underway to start roll outs in South Sudan through our regional partners.

Setting up Icepay has been made very easy using a single installation file for the payroll solution and an independent installer for Microsoft SQL Server, Express edition, which is a free version of one of the best and enterprise level database servers in the world, from Microsoft. Icepay has been tested and offered on different versions of MS SQL Server, from 2000 to 2008.

Icepay licensing ships with free remote (over the internet) installation, in case you don’t have competent resources to handle your setup. Documentation on how to configure the different parameters and use Icepay for paypoll management is provided along with the installation in a detailed user guide. Additional support is also available at a fee depending on the nature of issue and need for specialty technical skills.


Licensing Guide

Licensing Guide

Icepay Payroll Solution is licensed based on the number of active employees maintained in the system at any one time. This excludes terminated employees who may fall out of employment from time to time, making it possible to have more than the licensed number of employees, as long as the active number does not exceed the licensed number.

The license logic is included in a license file required for the system to run. Details shared by the client are embedded into the license file and a change of details is tantamount to a new license. Fortunately, this is limited to the company name.


It is possible to start off with a small bracket and grow as you go. This will be handled by simply generating a new license file with the same customer details, but limited to the new employee bracket.

Unlimited number of employees is also supported and the only limitation at this point will be hardware capabilities of the database server. For more information, refer to Ms SQL Server Hardware Specification.


Contact us for a quotation based on the number of employees you wish to manage through the system. 


*Enterprise license allows you to configure multiple sites sharing the same license with unlimited number of users. This allows each site to have independent configurations and can be processed independently.