Payroll Features

See a detailed presentation on Icepay Payroll system.

Payroll solution for your needs: Icepay is build on simplicity and offers a rich set of payroll processing features. The system offers more than employees data store and features a rich set of features all geared towards making your payroll processing something to look forward to. At a click you will have all your payroll data processed and ready to pay.... actually ready to withdraw! This is easily done by integrating to electronic funds transfer (EFT) system and M-PESA payment file.

Icepay is easily affordable with out of box features providing all the functionality you require to start. The system has been developed from scratch and can be customized on need basis to accomodate your unique needs. Any developments and integration requirements are negotiated on need basis. For more details on pricing, see order page.


See a detailed presentation on Icepay Payroll system.

Icepay offers a specialized payroll package that you will not get from any other payroll software. Key features are highlighted here, and a free demo is available for you to try out and confirm.
  • Multi user setup – Several users with different roles can access the same application from different computers. This allows for shared duties and ease of bulk data entry. 
  • System security – Access control by use of user codes and user profiles (groups). This allows for users with the same functionality to be given access to only the areas they need to access. The system is password protected.
  • Intelligent data import - We appreciate the need to have a data import functionality for commonly used data sections and Icepay ships with an intelligent data import module. This handles deductions, time sheet, other incomes (one off monthly allowances), and employees data. Payroll numbers are used to map the raw data to the employees and the system has an intelligent resolution module for non-matching payroll numbers! The system takes in Excel data format. 
  • Error tolerance – Authorized users can process the payroll, view the reports and if need arise to correct some data, roll back, correct the errors and reprocess. This is period based and can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Monthly processing incorporates weekly processing data to enable statutory deductions remittance. 
  • Period closing – The process is very easy and can be controlled through access control. This is done by posting the payroll after processing and verification.
  • Cashbook – Ability to separate several cash accounts and pay from the appropriate account.
  • Extensive reporting – Very detailed reports to cover a very large proportion of your payroll reporting needs.
  • Cost center and departmental reporting
  • Dynamic deduction and loan management – Handle all the payroll vendors in a transparent and dynamic way for loans, deductions and contributions. 
  • Statutory computations and reporting – NSSF, NHIF, PAYE, pension funds, other deductions are handled very well with remittance reports for each.
  • Online payments – Generation of EFT file for submission via specific bank software. Tested for KCB quick pay and Standard Chartered web submission but should work with any software that accepts the standard bank interchange file. This is possible for salary and advance payments
  • Ability to handle different groups of employees: Permanent, contract, casual and semi-permanent employees with different payment cycles.
  • Easy and secure salary increment modules they need to access. The system is password protected.
  • Time sheet management
  • Flexible – Easily configurable to reduce monthly data entry and reduce chances of errors.
  • Multiple document interface screen setup – Open several screens as need be without having to close previous ones.
  • User friendly data input – System remembers some commonly repeated tasks and reduces amount of data retyped for some screens. This can be enhanced as need be.
  • Integrate with other enterprise application through secure APIs 
  • Export reports into different formats for further analysis and sharing including Excel, pdf, rtf (word) and text
  • Email Payslips to employees!You no longer need to print payslips since you can email them directly to your employees email! This will save you printing paper as well as keep your employee queries at bay!
  • Leave management module! Stop managing leave applications and tracking on paper or in Excel! Icepay now handles leave applications and reporting in an intelligent way allowing for multiple leave types, balance tracking and other rich features!!
  • Extended pay options!Pay your salaries by M-PESA and other mobile money operators. New pay options added for cheque and mobile money starting version
  • New! Starting version 6 (June 2014), now fully supporting the New NSSF deductions and reporting formats! Download the latest version and enjoy flexibility of either the new proposed rates or old rates without having to change systems back and forth.